Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Buka bersama dan diskusi

merokok di luar saja ya?

Date: Sunday, Aug 14 2012
Location: Pengadegan Utara, Jakarta

Hari Minggu yang lalu, di rumah pengadegan diadakan acara Buka bersama dan diskusi tentang "Green Economy." Hostnya ya kami berdua, Hida & Amir. Tamunya beragam mulai dari wartawan, pensiunan, seniman, hingga yang paling imut mahasiswa semester 1 di UI. Ini sebagian foto-fotonya..

Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Jack Madrid, Country Manager for the Philippines menjawab
Kopipas ya..

Last week’s CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, posted a letter on the site announcing that they would be removing the social networking functions of the site (blogging, photo sharing, etc) to pave the way for the complete transformation of Multiply into an e-commerce platform. Locally the news was met mostly with sadness since Filipinos are known to be very sentimental but in Indonesia the reception to the news was much worse. Apparently a lot of Multiply users in Indonesia were active users of the social networking capabilities of the site.

Jack Madrid, Country Manager for the PH
The announcement left a lot of questions up in the air, especially on what should we expect from moving forward. That’s why we grabbed the opportunity to to sit down and talk with Jack Madrid, Country Manager for the Philippines. During our discussion we talked about why the transformation came about, the reaction of the Multiply community to the announcement, and what can we expect from in the coming months. We broke up the interview into three short chunks for easier viewing and you can watch them all below.

Silakan menuju tautan diatas bagi yang penasaran dan ingin mencermati videonya.. :)