Selasa, 18 November 2008

Orange Tiger? That's me!

You are Orange Tiger who tend to be cheerful, carefree, pure and gentle sort of person.
You possess a relaxed atmosphere, and although you seem a proud person, you are actually friendly and open-hearted.
You are not cautious towards people you meet for the first time, and be able to act openly to men as well.
You possess extremely honest character, and never doubt others.
You are too ready to believe others, and are not terribly good at bargaining and tactics.
Your heart is too pure for that sort of things.
Your instinct and observing power is weak.
But you are intelligent enough to see things objectively.
Theory is very important for you, and therefore you are not good at fast action.
You are broad-minded person, and are well trusted by people.
You get too busy looking after the others, and may loose yourself.
You go about thing in your own pace, and you possess strong volunteering spirit.
But if something is unreasonable, you are very obstinate not to acknowledge it.
You are a person with strong sense of justice.
You can be optimistic towards life, and believe everything will settle just fine.
You like men who are well-dressed and smart, modern and educated.
After getting married you will be a caring wife, and tend to be busy going about doing lots of things.

Now, test yourself!

14 komentar:

  1. wah... macane cute banget mbak :-D

  2. wah... kamu iso dadi kerjaanku ki mbak... hahaha

  3. hehe... brati aku yo cute yoo? :D

  4. wah,bulu macannya dibleach, kek Iyog ..hihihi
    macan buleeee

  5. ini macan garong ap kucing garong gbr e ? wakakaka

  6. aku apa yo mbak,,,,,aku ketoke tetep uwong **kalem**

  7. waduh aku gak ngerti tulisan neng dhuwur kuwi

  8. cocok nih.... kucing garong imut berhati domba.... hihihi.... tapi kulitnya koq orange? :p

  9. hahaha.... beda banget ama punyaku -Even after you get married, your attention may be set outside your house-

  10. @ Jeng Shanti: ho-oh.. macan bule

    @ Jeng Katy: macan imuuut!

    @ Amaltia Gun: Lha kok malah takon... mbok ngilo wae to.. :D

    @ Teguh: coba saja Guh...

    @ Rahmat: hehe.. minta tolong Katy dong.. haha..

    @ Prof Mer: kok kucing sih? macaan tu.. macan...

    @ Lala: huahhaha.. kayaknya bagian yang itu rada meragukan..

  11. brati emang pas seperti aku :)..